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Pet Webinars January 17th Reptile Parasite Discussion with Dr. McCormack When it comes to reptile health and veterinary care of our captive reptiles Pet Webinars is the leader in the field of interactive reptile health care and on January 17th they’re covering two amazing topics which you don’t want to miss! Reptile parasite identification and treatment is […]

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Giant Glass Lizard P. apodus

Giant Glass Lizards (Scheltopusik)

European Giant Glass Lizard *denotes affiliate link European Glass Lizards (Pseudopus apodus) are sometimes known as Scheltopusik which when translated from the original Slavik word means ‘Yellow Belly’. They can also be called ‘Legless lizard’ in some circles. Scheltopusik is the more often used name or simply Glass Lizard. While often seen for sale it would seem […]

Snake Mites | Scourge of the Reptile Keeper

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue  Reptile Mites and How to Treat them Reptile mites, every snake owner hates them. And I don’t care how long you have owned snakes, whether you have 1, or 500. Reptile mites are carried in by rodents, in substrate, decorations, and even […]

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Explaining Ectothermy | Thermophysiology of Herps

Authored by: Christina Miller CAHT/RVT, RLAT, BSc Herps Aren’t Cold-Blooded What is the most defining feature of our pet reptiles and amphibians? Many would argue that what unites reptiles and amphibians in the artificial grouping of “herps” is their cold-blooded nature, but this is not exactly accurate. “Cold-blooded” is an archaic term and its use implies […]

Reptiles & Responsibility

I go to a lot of shows and shops every year. Rarely do I hear the seller ask about the customers experience in the particular species they are purchasing. The onus is presumed by the buyer I agree. But shouldn’t we do our part as a seller of reptiles to make sure that the purchaser of our reptiles knows what they are getting in to when purchasing a reptile? Do we worship the all mighty dollar of the sale too much?

"Female Python sebae brooding eggs Tropicario, FIN" by Tigerpython - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.