Constrictor Ban vs. the Media Giants

Social Media and the internet should be herpetoculture’s savior especially when it comes down to the constrictor ban. Unfortunately herpetoculture is up against all media giants not just the government and unsuitable scientific papers. One media giant, The Palm Beach Post, (PBP) a newspaper that was original launched as a weekly publication in 1908 pictured […]

Boa Constrictor Close up

Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps

Top Five Reptile Blogs you should Know

We’re all about sharing the love here at the Reptile Apartment Group. We decided we’d offer our favourite five reptile blogs we follow, these aren’t in any certain order but they’re all incredible reptile sites we enjoy. Drop by and say hello to the owners and tell them you heard of them here. Dancing Snake […]

Gopher Tortoise Torture Update

Gopher Tortoise Torture Pair Arrested Many outraged people on social media contacted and showed their passion for the endangered gopher tortoise by contacting Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission on and days after the posting of the gruesome killing video. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have arrested the two girls from this incident.  Jennifer Emoke Greene, […]