Reptiles | Pet Store Neglect

Authored by Eric Roscoe of Madison Area Herpetological Society  What to Do About Pet Store Neglect Neglected Reptiles in the Retail Environment The issue of neglectful, or substandard pet stores with live animals is an old and very long running one, its familiar to the vast majority of reptile and other pet owners, keepers, breeders, and hobbyists. There […]

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Tremper Albino

Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 6 | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2   Recently updated !

Leopard Gecko Breeding | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2 Authored by Ron Tremper of Leopard Gecko Infertility Poor nutrition, not male sterility, is the leading cause of infertile leopard gecko eggs. In all my years, I rarely have proven a male was the reason for infertile eggs. If you are experiencing the frustration of getting […]

Preventative Health and Herpetoculture

Authored by Christina Miller RVT, BSc, of Companion Animal Hospital, Canada. Preventative Health Habits of Effective Herpetoculturists It sounds harsh, but if your pets are not living up to their potential lifespan, you are very likely doing something wrong Captive Reptile and Amphibian Health Overview: What constitutes success in herpetoculture? In other companion species, longevity […]

Tortoise Check Up

Garter Snake - Natural UV Basking (courtesy of google images)

Do snakes need UV lighting?

Do snakes really need UVB lighting? Authored by Georgina Rayner, of Swell Reptiles In fact, many species of snake are not particularly nocturnal, or diurnal Browse pretty much any reptile or snake forum, and you are likely to find at least one thread attempting to answer the question; “Do snakes need UV lighting?” A wide […]

A guide to Free Ranging Chameleons

Authored by Karen Venaas of The Chameleon Farm Free Ranging Chameleons As free ranges are usually larger than traditional cages, this makes them perfect for larger species. Recently I have seen many photos on various Facebook groups of chameleons “free ranging.” This is a bit of a misnomer as the chameleons are usually on the couch or […]

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Green Iguana Iguana iguana

The Uncommonly Common Green Iguana   Recently updated !

267345 Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Green Iguana King of the Lizards There is no more majestic a creature than a large green iguana. At least in their minds, they are kings. So problems can arise with this not so cheap to care for, but inexpensive to […]