Bearded Dragon | Cheap Thrills of the Irresponsible

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Bearded Dragons, Wonderful pets, we like to torture Bearded Dragons, are super cool lizards, that breed voraciously, and willingly, in just about any circumstances. Which leads to many sellers, “back-yard” breeders, cheap prices, and a lack of complete knowledge of their care. […]

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ProProps | Reptile Health with Dr. Simpson

ProProps Developer Dr. Simpson How did you first become involved in the exotic pet industry and more specifically reptiles? I have always had an interest in exotics pets. As a young child I had some weird and wonderful pets like Axolotls, newts, lizards and frogs. I was lucky enough to get into Veterinary School and […]

UK Arson Costs Reptile Lives

Where there is a will there is hope Article & photographs by Nick Dobbs, Dorset, UK With only 6 native reptile species, the British Isles would be hard pushed to describe itself on the world stage as a herpetologist’s “dream ticket”. Nevertheless, what we have is precious to these shores and all 6 species are […]

Grass Snake (Female)

Wayne Pacelle HSUS CEO

Responsibility and Reptiles | Social Media Dilemma

Authored by Brandon Fowler Roaming Reptiles Our Responsibilities as Reptile Keepers Before I get started, I want to say that this article is about my own personal feelings and I do have great respect for the people who have given this hobby so much. Without them we would have nothing. With everything that is happening […]