Reptile Lighting Revolution | Light Your Reptiles

Lighting Reptiles Lighting for reptiles has always been an area of not only fascination but it can also be a detriment when it comes to keeping our scaly friends. When you don’t understand the natural habitat (specifically the microhabitats) where the species comes from this can lead to providing too much or too little of […]

UV Spectrum

Colorado Desert Sidewinder Crotalus cerastes

Introduction to Venomous Snakes | Physiology   Recently updated !

Introduction to Venomous snakes and their Physiology Authored by Kimberly Urban, aka “Dr Viper” Venomous snakes! Cobra, viper, mamba…these words strike fear into the hearts of many, but fascination and admiration into others. I’ve been working with venomous snakes, primarily vipers, for the past 5 years and other snake species for 10 years. These amazing […]

Bio-Active Terraria | Living Reptile Art

Bio-Active Terrariums|Revolutionizing Herps Again Authored by Jeremy Kosonic Herpetoculture Canada *Note from the Editor: Bio-Active seems to be on the forefront of herpetoculture lately. This is a subject which is near and dear to me as I came into herpetoculture at the tail end of the time when the forbearers of herpetoculture were creating ‘Bio-active’ terrariums […]

Bio-Active Vivarium