Metabolic Bone Diseases in Reptiles and Amphibians | Calcium Balance

Authored by: Christina Miller CAHT/RVT, RLAT, BSc MBD in Herpetoculture Captive reptiles and amphibians are subject to a somewhat unique situation. Unlike our mammalian companions, they’re highly dependent on their captive environment for their most basic physiology to function, making good husbandry the key to maintaining healthy companions. One of the most common health problems […]

Calcium Homeostasis in Reptiles


Brumation | Preparing Colubrids for Winter

Summertime BBQ’s are over, kids are back in school, and reptiles are being prepared for their overwintering process in many collections throughout herpetoculture. Some serpents breed during this time, while others wait for the spring warm up. Colubrids typically breed in early spring; there are a few steps to make sure your snake is able […]

Gila Monster Killed | A Community Outrage

Gila Monster Ran Over In recent weeks, there’s been a picture of a man kneeling down next to a dead Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum) on Instagram and other social networks. In the original post on Instagram by “kyledobash” says “Yeah, he almost got bit before he ran it over 5 times”. The Gila Monster is […]


MS2 Enterprises Insect Chow

Sunday Supplemental | MS2 Enterprises

Here we are with our first installment of Sunday Supplemental. This is a piece we’ll run once in a while where we go direct to the manufacturer of the supplement and ask the questions we as herpetoculturists should know. This was brought about by our Feeding the Feeder pieces we’ve run recently where one of […]