Find Your Venom Doctor | Before the Bite   Recently updated !

Authored by Dr. Leslie Boyer of the VIPER Institute Find Your Venom Doctor As I stated in my eBook Venom in Captivity the first course of action for any venomous animal owner is to be in contact with local hospitals and doctors. Dr. Leslie Boyer of the VIPER Institute recently granted us permission to share the following article […]

Courtesy of Graeme Lotter

Courtesy of Dr. Julie Ray of Team Snake Panama

Team Snake Panama | Humans & Reptiles   Recently updated !

Team Snake Panama | Saving Lives With a snake bite incidence eighty times higher than that of the United States it was Julie Ray of Team Snake Panama,  based at La Montaña para Investigación y Conservación Ambiental [La MICA] Biological Station in Panama who chose to not only save humans but to also save the […]

Jungle Dawn LED Lighting | Light Your Reptiles

Jungle Dawn LED Lighting Jungle Dawn LED lighting manufactured by Arcadia and available anywhere on the North American continent via our sponsor Light Your Reptiles takes the Reptile Lighting Revolution up one more notch. In the video below Dr. Mike Leahy explains why the Jungle Dawn LED lights available in the UK from Arcadia and […]



Fluker Farms | Crickets Review

Authored by Brandon Fowler of Roaming Reptiles Fluker Farms I have been asked to review Fluker’s crickets. Now I have ordered crickets from many different companies over the years. I’ve even tried breeding my own. One thing’s for sure, from here on out I will be ordering them from Fluker’s. I received the box early in […]

Dr. Bryan Fry | Venom & Komodos   Recently updated !

Dr. Bryan Fry | Discovery of Venomous Varanids Venom in Komodo Dragons? In this older episode of Reptile Livingroom you will hear John Taylor (The HerpFather) turn into a complete fanboy when he gets the opportunity to interview Venom Doc, Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry whom was and is one of John’s most respected influences. Publishing […]