Feeding the Feeders | Rainbow Mealworms

Feeding the Feeders Q&A with Rainbow Mealworms To continue on the path of what are we; as responsible herpetoculturists feeding our reptile and amphibian pets, I was able to get in direct contact with one of the most well-known mealworm and superworm producers! Rainbow Mealworms received my message and replied immediately with how much they’d […]

"Mealworm dish in a Yunan Restaurant, Qingdao China" by Candorwien - iPhone photograph of a dish I ordered and ate.Previously published: Unpublished. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Tempo Review

Temperature Recording Device In the digital age of keeping reptiles and the use of many different heating and cooling devices it can be hard to keep an eye on your reptile room or even individual cages. Blue Maestro has developed a device that records and stores temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure data for up to […]

PIJAC | Pet Proponent to Anti-Pet Ownership?

Ed Sayres former CEO of the ASPCA has now been ‘OFFERED’ the position of CEO and President positions at PIJAC. What does this mean to pet owners everywhere and more specific the exotic pet keeper. In our personal opinion not a whole lot. It’s like any other political move. The tangible changes occurring when we vote one […]