The Uncommonly Common Green Iguana

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Green Iguana King of the Lizards There is no more majestic a creature than a large green iguana. At least in their minds, they are kings. So problems can arise with this not so cheap to care for, but inexpensive to buy, […]

Green Iguana Iguana iguana


Mealworm Breeding

Mealworm Breeding Authored by Bolverk Loddfafnir, of Ragnarok Reptiles. I am breeding mealworms for my reptile collection, due to the requests of others, I have decided to write a small guide about how  I establish a self-sustaining mealworm breeding project. This is only ONE way to do it. It’s also the way that works best […]

Is my Bearded Dragon fat?

Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network / Bearded Dragons Network / Snake Network / Lizard Network / Amphibian Network Does my Bearded Dragon look Fat?  “My bearded dragon will only eat morios (supers), and wax worms”…absolute rubbish Quite frankly, I’m getting appalled seeing ‘obesity‘ in people’s adult Bearded Dragons. It’s become an issue which is seemingly […]


Mexican Redknee Tarantula brachypelma smithi

Mexican redknee Tarantula | Brachypelma smithi

Invertebrate Interests is authored & photographed by Lillie Nyte of Inverts Unlimited  Mexican redknee Tarantula | Brachypelma smithi General Description Synonyms: Euathlus smithi. Eurypelma smithi, Mygale smithi Common name(s): Mexican redknee Keeper experience: Beginner Adult size: 5+ inch leg span Growth rate: Slow to medium (Males reach maturity in 4 – 5 years, Females in […]

NatGeo did an article on what is essentially Emotional Chameleons. We’ve discussed a lot of Chameleon behavior and much more chameleon content here on the site as well check out all of our Chameleon content by clicking on the beautiful Veiled Chameleon below