The Sunday Squamata Post

The Sunday Squamata Post

The Sunday Squamata Post


Sunday Squamata Post is the Reptile Apartment Group’s weekly Sunday newsletter. It allows you to grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage and journey with us through the latest breaking Squamata news. We’ll slither and crawl over legislation, envenomation, and everything in between. We’re also going to send out various herp related coupons throughout the year (from our Sponsors as well as the Reptile Apartment Group). Now we all know SPAM sucks. We hate it too! If for ANY reason, you’re as cold-blooded as the animals we enjoy and don’t like The Sunday Squamata Post. Hit the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the last newsletter you received and  you’ll never see our tails again. It’s that EASY!



What’s in the name The Sunday Squamata Post?

Squamata is the Order of the class The Sunday Squamata Post Newsletter covers 96% of the latest Squamata, Amphibia, and even the Invertebrates we keep in herpetoculture. Speaking of which, 96% of all reptiles are in the Order Squamata! Unlike this Order, we’ll also include the Order of Crocodilia but NEVER focus on the detrimental or damaging aspects which occur occasionally in any industry. We all see the general media’s coverage of Squamate related stories generate hysteria, almost overnight. We’ll report factual researched stories allowing keepers to stay informed.

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