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Karen Stockman of The Daily Chameleon


Always one to think big, within months of getting my first chameleon I had collected several species with plans to begin breeding, rescuing and sharing knowledge with other keepers. I read everything I could find and cornered many long-term keepers and breeders with questions on everything chameleon related.

Despite many ups & downs over the years, my novice enthusiasm did not waver and I kept learning, experimenting, and happily keeping and breeding many lovely little chameleons. I’ve kept over a dozen different species and have bred several of them.

Currently, I am keeping fewer chameleons and working with less common species with a goal to have more captive-bred animals available in the trade besides the usual panthers and veileds. For my current breeding projects I’ve gone to extremes: I’m working with a few species of the delicate little Pygmy chameleons as well as the very large and challenging Melleri chameleons.

I am also very passionate about sharing my experiences and knowledge with newcomers and I participate in various educational events as well as chameleon clubs and herp societies in my area.

I can be reached at The Daily Chameleon