Todd Cornwell | Todd The Snake Man

Todd “The Snake Man” Cornwell


Reptile Education: No formal training, hands on learned as I went. Read voraciously every publication on various species I kept.

How I started: I always loved animals, when I was a kid, we would go up into the mountains, and I was always flipping logs looking for newts & salamanders. In grade school we would catch alligator lizards and let them bite our ears, and we would walk around like they were earrings.

When my kids were little, I wanted them to know more than just cats and dogs, so we had ducks, geese, hamsters, a ferret, even a domesticated squirrel! Part of that was having snakes and lizards. When people heard that I liked reptiles, I would get, “hey my friend has…”, and I would end up with a new pet. I would take them to church and do children’s story time using one of my scaly friends. After a while, one of the parents from church asked if I would do something for their son’s birthday, as he just loved it when I brought stuff in. I did, and had a blast. All the parents there, said I should do it as a business. So I started, and since I was using animals, I was going to do the business for the animals, and became an official rescue.

Since 2008, “The Snake Man” has rescued as of Dec 31, 2015; 784 reptiles, ranging from a couple of little dart frogs, to a massive 18 foot, 125 lb, Burmese Python! Almost all were successfully rehabilitated and have found new homes with great people!

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