Books whether they’re eBooks for the digital age or print books are invaluable when it comes to keeping ANY reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. The reason books are better is they’re edited by professionals and written by professionals whom have spent years sometimes decades keeping and working with the animals presented in them. Here at Reptile Apartment this standard is no different. Each and every book offered here on this page has not only been peer-reviewed by colleagues and fellow Tribe members, the ebooks we offer have all been edited by none other than noted herpetologist Dr. Robert G. Sprackland. We offer these current titles as a gateway to the wonderful world of herpetoculture.

Venom In Captivity Guidelines and Protocols

Venom In Captivity Guidelines and Protocols

Venom in Captivity

Venom in Captivity is our number one selling eBook to date. Considering the amount of information packed into such a small book it’s not hard to see why. Click on the cover to see the reviews of the book itself or just click the button to get your copy now.

Leopard Gecko Captive Care

Prescription for the Captive Care of Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularius) are an incredible and fascinating species for reptile keepers both new and old. This title was co-authored with Tom Williams and it goes in-depth into the captive care of Leopard Geckos as well as their maintenance. Breeding is not covered within this e-book as we didn’t feel it necessary to cover. There’s already enough breeders out there producing an array of color morphs which are available. Rather than add to the surplus of disposable pets. That doesn’t take away from the book by any means as we share our with you our personal experiences first hand.

Bearded Dragon eBook Cover

Taming the Dragon

Bearded Dragons (Pogona sp.) are another popular species amongst lizard keepers which are quickly rivaling the Leopard Gecko (E. macularius) in popularity. They’re a larger lizard than the gecko species often kept in herpetoculture but they’re not so large as to take over the home when it comes to enclosure size. They’re also one of the most personable lizards we’ve worked with. Any beardie owner will tell you each and every one has its own personality and make an excellent pet reptile the whole family can get involved with.