Pete Hawkins | Associate Editor

Here’s the long overdue introduction to our new associate editor of the Reptile Apartment Group. Welcome Pete Hawkins who was completely brought on board due to the fact he’s just as ‘Bat**** passionate’ about reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, chelonians, crocodiles, and yes even the furry and feathered. What better qualification do we need especially when its voluntary slavery Insert Evil Grin. Kidding aside Welcome Pete!
John Taylor

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Name: Pete ‘The Guv’nor’ Hawkins
Age: 40

Currently own:
1 Male Bearded Dragon (Axl)
1 Female Bearded Dragon (Crystal)
1 Veiled Chameleon (Male) (Pascal )
1 Panther Chameleon (Male) (Vai)
1 Veiled Chameleon (Female) (Lzzy Veiled)
1 Pacman Frog (Didier Frogba)
1 Mojave Royal Python (Slash)
1 Corn Snake (CC)
1 Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Joe Boa-Massa)
2x Red Eyed Tree Frog (Male & Female)

“I first got into reptile’s as a young teen around 29 years ago. I have since found out, the Bearded Dragon I was given from a local village Pet Shop, was one of the first few in the UK (there were no large Pet Stores back then at all).
Since that day, I have always had a Bearded Dragon in my life. As well as snakes, frogs, rats, mice, pretty much all gecko types, and of course, my beloved Chameleons.

Currently, my Facebook groups Chameleon Network, Bearded Dragons Network , Snake Network , Amphibian Network , Lizard Network, tend to keep me extremely busy.
I also attend many reptile meets & talks around the country. I’m also often asked to do talks or write-ups on various subjects, and have been published a number of times in the likes of ‘Practical Reptile Keeping’ magazine, in the UK. Because, like many, I absolutely love the subject of reptiles and Amphibians.

We are all always learning, regardless of experience, In a hobby that is constantly evolving regarding methods, science, and equipment used.
I honestly believe, people need to ask more questions. Then even question those answers given. So joining a set-up like ‘The Reptile Apartment’, where collective minds allow these methods and facts to be shared. This will benefit all keepers and Reptiles alike.”

Voted WINNER, of The Reptile Report’s, Readers Choice ‘Lizard Personality of the Year‘ 2016.