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About Us | Reptile Apartment

About us, well, Reptile Apartment started as a book. It was going to document all of the species of reptile, insects/arachnids, and amphibians that could be kept safely in an apartment setting. It would go in-depth into not just their care, but delve into the natural history of each species as well. Almost as soon as the research started John “The Herp Father” Taylor could see this was going to be a large undertaking. It became apparent his project was in fact a dead-end. It was just too much to ask of an audience so ingrained with digital media to purchase what would have become a massive book. This was all taking place in 2008 to 2009.

Fast forward to January of 2010,

“I met Marco Corona and mentioned to him about the project. He in turn introduced me to the world of ‘blogging’,  on April 5th in honor of my dad Richard E. Taylor I launched Reptileapartment.com.” John says

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

Reptile Apartment Group was built upon a couple of ideals outside of its original namesake. One was to bridge the ever-growing gap between herpetoculture and herpetology. I’d like nothing more than to see an expansion in the sharing of data between the groups. It was prevalent at one time when herpetoculture began and can begin once again. Together the herpetoculture and herpetological industries and communities can conserve, study, and share data regarding numerous species.

The other overarching idea behind Reptile Apartment was to make available actionable information regarding herpetoculture and herpetology. The lines of media have become blurred or more clear depending on your perspective. More often than not Reptile Apartment is referred to as an Online Reptile Magazine. I leave such judgement to your own conscience. I have assembled over years those who are considered the most relevant and cutting edge authors within the herpetoculture and herpetology arenas.

I continue to hold true to my original promise of never allowing anyone to sponsor Reptile Apartment who we wouldn’t personally do business with or have already done business with. You can trust our sponsors as much as you trust the information found here within these pages.

John F Taylor

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