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The below can be found at KJ Reptile Supplies

Reptile Emergency Checklist

The below can be found at My Reptile Diet

Reptiles & Responsibility

Feeding Your Iguana

The following posts were published on The Toronto Pet Daily

A Reptile Primer

Snakes in the…cupboard?!

It isn’t easy being green, or any other color of frog

Uh Oh, I think I need a bigger box. Lizard ownership

Picking a reptile pet

The Next three posts were published in the National Geographic Museum Blog. (as a side note: I began posting for them after correcting a mistake in one of their posts on geckos.)

Leopard Geckos

Gecko History

Barking and Fisticuffs (A Personal Memory)

This next set of guest posts originally appears on the Northampton Reptile Centre Blog.

Every Milk Snake is Kingsnake; but not every Kingsnake is a Milk Snake.

Flat Rock Scorpion

Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula

Royal Python


Waxy Monkey Frog

The following guest posts appeared originally on Haute or Not Pets

Lounging Leopard Lizards…Where are the Martinis

Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma…Carl the Chameleon

Hisses…Clicks…Head bobbing…Must be a Reptile Convention!

The following posts appear on Daily Reptile News


A King among Snakes

Rattlesnakes: Myths, Misnomers, & Misconceptions

Dad I want a Testudine…

The following posts appear on Outbound Family

The Truth about Rattlesnake bites

The King of Snakes

These next posts have nothing to do with reptiles but with the other side of my life which is fiction writing. I included them for those whom might be interested. These are from Inky Fresh Press where I write the Tough Love for Freelance Writers column

Getting serious about writing

Branding: It’s not just for cattle anymore

Social Networking for Writers Pt 1

Social Networking for Writers Pt 2

Rejection, Success, & the Fear of Both

Why Writers need reasonable goals (and how to set them)

Recommended Blogs, Books, and Applications for Writers

Blogging Basics for Writers

Is your Writing group working for you?

“Squirrel!” Managing your Distractions & Getting back to Writing

Step away…from the Electronics!

Get an Agent & start eating, Part 1

Get an Agent & start eating, Part 2