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The other reptiles often kept in captivity are of course the lizard(s). Lizard is the common name of the Suborder Sauria (Lacertilia). Lizard captive care is sometimes troublesome, when say, you live in a desert type area and want to keep Chameleons. Perfect example, I was living in the United States when the Crested Gecko craze broke out. I thought they were cool and today they’ve come a long way. Anyway, I was living in a southern California valley where summer temps got into the 110 F. range. Being as I was too frugal to run the air conditioning I was limited to what I could keep. Crested Geckos were definitely off my list. Lizard captive care and any reptile care for that matter is made much easier when you take into account the animals habitat and your current living conditions. Here are the ¬†families that we’ve covered so far. If you want to stay updated on the changes, receive other reports, and preview chapters of books we write, then sign up for our free newsletter. The links below will take into the deeper content and care articles for each family.