Musings of The Herp Father

The Herp Father

Musings of the Herp Father

This an editorial written by John F. Taylor Thanks to the folks at Ornamental Insects I have been given the moniker of The Herp Father which I wear with pride. While there are more deserving people who should carry the title (they have mountains more experience than I) they are not part of the social networks so I will do my best to make them proud. Without further carrying on, this page as you may have guessed is where I will link to my articles I have written which really don’t fall into the Care Article or herpetological health category but instead a general opinion or editorial aspect as it were where I may have encountered something that got my silkies in a bunch so I blow off some steam here by writing about it. I hope you enjoy these pieces as some are funny and some are serious.

Why you shouldn’t wipe your A** with a snake!

I Don’t do Fluffy.

Reptile Show Tips.

The Real Experts.

Reptiles & Responsibility.

The Dollars & Sense of Captive Reptiles

Pythons & Petitions

Conservation vs. Herpetoculture

The Cognitive Reptile

Reptile Foraging

And the Cascabel will Fall Quiet…

Warning: Medications may kill your reptile!

Rattlesnake Slaughter at the Texas Zoo

The Bloody Hands of Oklahoma Roundups

Technology & Reptiles: A Brave New Community?

Ben Siegel Contestant Dividing a Nonexistent Community?

State of Prey: The Controversy of Feeding Live Prey

Glades Herp: A Community Divided

Global Captive Breeders: Policy of Prevention

Sleeping with Darwin: Change is the only Constant

The Risks of Sanctuary

Sweetwater Slaughter: Texas Rattlesnake Roundups

Reptile Shipping & Business Etiquette

Disposable Pet Nation

How to Help Reptiles (and their owners) via Facebook

Reptile Show Responsibility