Reptile Care Articles

Welcome to Reptile Care Articles. Our reptile care articles have been mistaken (most often by those who’ve not read them) for reptile care sheets in the past.

Care sheets as they’re known are a requirement in some states which must be offered with the sale of any ‘companion animal’. These reptile ‘care sheets’ are often written by person(s) with little or no knowledge outside of what they’ve read in text books and not based in actual experience working with the reptiles. They often gloss over in-depth issues, which are often imperative to the longevity and health of the reptile pet. These care sheets are generally a few hundred words at best.

Within the Reptile Apartment Group we have developed an editorial policy to ensure only the very latest and accurate information is delivered to our audience. We do so by first peer reviewing the content. It is then released to a series of editors some of which are renowned herpetologists. Articles are sometimes even further scrutinized with another review after being edited.

Reptile care begins with information and learning. We all began somewhere, to help you provide the very best in reptile care we have the following care articles regarding various reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate pets.

Clicking the links below will take you directly to the page of species for that specific family or genus, once you’re there the list is broken down into specific species.