Who are we? Authors and Contributors

This list makes up our amazing current and past authors and contributors! Use our search tool in the top right hand corner of our page to find articles by searching a contributors name, follow the hyperlinks below for more information on each person!


John F Taylor: AKA “The Herpfather”

Pete Hawkins: AKA “The Guv’Nor”

Brandon Fowler of Roaming Reptiles

Lillie Nyte of Invertebrates Unlimited

Ron Tremper of Leopard Gecko.com

Chris Law of Roaming Reptiles Louisiana

Dr. Sean McCormack

Christina Miller

Karen Stockman of The Daily Chameleon

Todd Cornwell

Andrew Hermes of Arizona Tortoise Compound

Kimberly Urban

Leyla Stice Billman of Pin-Up Pythons

Chris Leone of Garden State Tortoise

Bolverk Loddfafnir of Ragnarok Reptiles