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Chris Law of Roaming Reptiles Louisiana and BioFauna Exotics

Chris has been a lifetime admirer of reptiles and amphibians, spending countless hours exploring the wilderness as a kid, catching snakes, frogs, lizards and more. As he grew older, he began keeping assorted reptiles which fueled his passion to pursue a degree in conservation biology and operate a reptile rescue and rehab facility based in Columbus, OH. He did this all while also working as a lead exotic feline keeper for the Butternut Farm Wildcat Sanctuary. As the facility for the sanctuary began to gradually scale itself back, he branched out and began operating a traveling educational program to fund the reptile rescue, Ohio Reptile Services, and began providing a place for students from OSU Zoology Club to come and learn how to keep and maintain reptiles.
Chris’s primary focus of research and captive interest has been and continues to be crocodilians. In 2012, Chris moved to Central Florida and opened up Central Florida Zoological Services and worked with fellow educator Brandon Fowler to open a new branch of Roaming Reptiles. As of March 2015, Chris was offered new opportunities in Baton Rouge, LA which will open up a great many doors for education and conservation work that simply couldn’t be passed up. The Central Florida branch of Roaming Reptiles remains open under another operator and Chris has since opened Roaming Reptiles of Louisiana with the help of his fiancé Abby Malvestuto. In addition to the new branch of Roaming Reptiles, Chris and Abby have also launched their new reptile breeding company, BioFauna Exotics. They offer high quality, captive bred BCI, BCC and Amazon Tree Boas at this time. They look forward to adding new species to the list in the near future!
In addition to these new ventures, Chris has taken initiative to relaunch Louisiana ARK to help fight for Louisiana residents to keep and maintain reptiles of their preference with reasonable regulations in place. He hopes to expand educational outreach throughout the State and beyond, and offer new materials that will hopefully soon be spread nationwide for schools and other educational institutions to use that will prove useful in helping others to understand and appreciate the diversity of reptiles that can be found across their States. Stay tuned for more updates coming from Chris, as this guy never remains stagnant!

Chris Authors the Conscious Keeper Column