Complacency and Reptiles

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue

Complacency killed the cat, not curiosity


I saw another post on Facebook today. Somebody, who has probably done it a hundred times, was trying to hop on a alligators back to “wrestle” it at a small show. He went slow, was not respectful of the gator, and got bit. Not bad, but it could have been. I have seen several posts lately, with bites that should have never happened.
One thing often happens when you keep, or deal with exotic animals, you lose fear. Which is good, fear makes you react without thinking, it is an emotional reaction and most people do not make correct decisions when they are fearful. Why do you think everyone hides under the bed when the bogey man comes? Right where the monsters are.
But one thing we should not, and cannot risk losing is our respect. No matter how many rattlesnakes I remove & relocate. I do not want to ever lose my respect for them, and what they are capable of. Same goes with large constrictors, or any other animal with teeth. The same reason you don’t stick your hand in the food dish, while your dog is eating. You don’t fear your dog, but you know if you stick your hand in his bowl you might get bit.
Complacency, Webster dictionary says is

“self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies”

rattlesnake bite

This leads to more errors in keeping exotic pets than anything else. I kept ball pythons for 5 years, I can get a rattlesnake now. Or, I have been keeping reticulated pythons for years, watch as I just reach in and grab her while she’s sleeping.
Accidents & Errors in judgement happen to everyone at some point in time. But when you are keeping or working with exotic animals, you cannot allow complacency into your method. Treat every occasion in the respectful manner it deserves, otherwise, you WILL one day, end up in the ER or the morgue, wondering what happened.