Reptile Dental Care | Yes, it’s Important   Recently updated !

Reptile Dental Care Authored by Christina Miller RVT, BSc, of Companion Animal Hospital, Canada. Veterinary practices across North America participate in National Pet Dental Health month which is in February by encouraging pet owners to learn about how important good oral health is in their companion animals, like it is in people. But, why care […]

Virides Reptile | Herpetoculture Innovators   Recently updated !

Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment Virides Reptile Creative Innovations Virides Reptile have created several new and innovative products to the reptile industry. One of their earliest projects is one you may recognize from earlier articles on Reptile Apartment. ProProps came about through the collaboration of Dr. Shane Simpson The Reptile Doctor and Scott […]

Zilla Rock Lair | Review

Authored by Brandon Fowler of Roaming Reptiles Zilla Rock Lair Zilla Rock Lair is a new design to well-known favorite of reptile keepers everywhere. Your reptile hidebox is about to get updated. I have used a ton of different hides for our animals here at Roaming Reptiles. Everything from plastic containers we cut holes into, to one […]