Whip Scorpion

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Whip Scorpion

Damon diadema 

General Description

Subspecies: Damon diadema diadema, Damon diadema robustus

Common name(s): Tanzanian giant tailless whip scorpion, Giant tailless whip scorpion, cave spider, whip spider

Keeper experience: Beginner to Intermediate

Adult size: Over 8 inch leg span

Growth rate: Medium

Lifespan: Over 5 years, possibly 10 – 15 years

Type: Arboreal requiring wide vertically oriented cork bark slabs (or similar types of cage décor) for hiding, climbing, and molting

Temperament: Skittish and fast-moving but non-aggressive and rarely uses pincers defensively

Venom: None

Natural distribution: Tanzania, Kenya, Central Africa

Natural conditions: Thrives in tropical rainforests but also in savannah areas and caves. Found in cave entrances, rock crevices, and tree crannies.

Whip Scorpion

Captive Care

Temperature: Mid 70’s to high 80’s

Humidity: 75% – 80% (Mist enclosures once or twice a week)

Substrate: 2 – 3 inches of damp Zoo Med Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Substrate

Prey items: Appropriately sized crickets and roaches

Gender identification: Adults are sexually dimorphic with a marked difference in the size of the pedipalps. The “elbows” of an adult males’ pedipalps (pincers) will extend beyond the “knee” joint of the first set of walking legs.

Miscellany: D. diadema exhibit social behavior with mothers and young siblings demonstrating the ability to communicate with each other. Breeding groups consisting of one male and two or more females have been successfully maintained in captivity with little threat of cannibalism as long as adequate food and shelter are provided.

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