I Dream of Snakes

Dream-of-snakesI know I dream of snakes occasionally. What does it mean to dream of snakes? Dreams are something science has yet to understand to the full extent. Depending on the aspects of what you’re looking for when researching dreams, your personal results will vary widely. We can find all sorts of new revelations regarding reptiles and their meanings.

Ancient Traditions

Australia According to the online site of the Australian Government, the most RainbowSerpentcommonly told Rainbow Serpent creation story involves a snake which held all the animals and lands in its belly. The Rainbow Serpent was underground then came to the surface and essentially puked (regurgitated) the entire landscape as we (humans) know it today. The Rainbow Serpent is also feminine in gender.

Fiji In the Fiji Island culture the Serpent god is known as Degei and is a benevolent creature who gave the gift of not only life but also of fire. Degei gave the knowledge of fire so that his ‘children’ would be able to eat the food of the gods. Taro and Yams we’re believed to be food of the gods because they are not to be eaten raw.

Hindu The Hindu creation story tells of Ananta which is sometimes a giant Cobra. Other times Ananta is mentioned as a giant snake. Either way, the snake in some form or fashion gives birth to Lord Vishnu who creates Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma later goes onto create the world as we know it today.

Aztec Quetzacoatl might be more recognizable to European cultures as it’s often depicted and or spoken of when speaking of the Aztec culture. This is in part because of what has become the most recognized part of the Aztec culture. The human sacrifices performed in Aztec culture were in order to appease the goddess whom was pulled apart by Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca. The two pulled her apart because the watched from on high, seeing this giant goddess with many mouths eating everything she came into contact with. They dove into the waters taking the form of a serpent and one holding her legs, the other her arms they pulled her apart. Thus forming the earth and sky from her rendered body. This upset the other gods and to assuage her they allowed her to provide sustenance to the peoples. This wasn’t enough, the people could hear the goddess crying. She was weeping in want of human blood, without which she refused to provide food.

Dreaming of Snakes What it means to dream of snakes is truly anyones guess. One article I read on Sciences360 I think said it best

“The underlying interpretation for any one of such dreams tends to relate to what they personally feel an object or being represents to them.”

Psychologists will interpret dreams in different ways as the snake itself as a symbol may mean different things to different psychologists. Where one may see a snake as a sexual reference. Another may interpret that same dream as meaning the dreamer has been wronged in some fashion.

Common Snake Dreams
It seems as though the most common snake dream is one wherein the dreamer is bitten by a snake. It would seem the general consensus is if you dream of being bitten by a snake then it’s a warning to be more aware in waking life. Do you Dream of Snakes? Let us know in the comments.