Musings of The Herp Father

Musings of The Herp Father is a look through the sometimes jaded eye of someone who was once a breeder & decided it was better to educate than create new morphs to make money with.

Death and Reptiles | What Happens when their Human Dies?

Authored by Olimpia Martinotti of Much Ado About Chameleons & John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment Death and Reptiles | What happens when their Human dies? Many reptiles have long life spans (tortoises 100+ years, many snakes and lizards 20+, etc.), and we never know what could happen to us. Hope for the best, prepare […]

5 Best Practices in Herpetoculture | Reptile Keeping

Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment Best Practices in Herpetoculture A number of years ago I asked some reptile folks I respect what they thought when it came to the ‘5 Best Practices’ regarding herpetoculture and the industry. The responses varied according to the specific niche elements each person was involved in. There were some […]

Reptile Feeding Conundrums: Prey & Diet in Herpetoculture

Feeding & Diet in Herpetoculture Prey items or food for reptiles has gone through some major upheavals over the past years. Only a few I know of, have made a large impact on the herpetoculture industry so far. We can all agree (I hope by now) most snakes and some lizards will take, what we […]