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Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment

Reptile Apartment Group Author of the Year | Todd Cornwell

I feel like one of those speech givers who’s unprepared. Reptile Apartment Group began as crazy ‘bootstrap idea’. Some years ago and quite honestly I don’t recall how; I came across Todd “The Snake Man” Cornwell, we made fast friends sharing many ideals with regard to herpetoculture. Todd was added on as a contributing author in February 2014. In June of 2015 Todd was offered and accepted a Staff Writer position with The Reptile Apartment Group. His premiere article Treating Aggression in Snakes is in fact the very same which garnered his current title of Reptile Apartment Group Author of the Year 2016! Within 2016 Todd authored an incredible twenty-four articles. While some authors may look at that number and balk. What you’re not taking into account is one crucial thing. Todd writes most of his articles on his cell phone. Myself being a somewhat prolific writer I couldn’t imagine typing a single article on a cell phone much less twenty-four articles. That just sounds like brutal punishment to me.
Now that the readers have had their choice of the best article of 2016. Being the Editor in Chief of Reptile Apartment Group I would like to share my personal favorite Todd Cornwell article of 2016. Complacency and Reptiles the article hit a nerve a lot of folks don’t want to admit to having. It’s a fact we can and do get complacent. Great work this from Todd Cornwell our Award winning author received a Gift Certificate from Ghann’s Cricket Farm, a never publicly released Zilla Reptile Product, and Reptile Apartment Author of the Year 2016 plaque. We look forward to your participation the voting for 2017 Author of the Year. If you would like to be notified of specific updates to the Reptile Apartment Author of the Year Contest please click below to subscribe.

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