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Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment

Virides Reptile Creative Innovations

Virides Reptile have created several new and innovative products to the reptile industry. One of their earliest projects is one you may recognize from earlier articles on Reptile Apartment. ProProps came about through the collaboration of Dr. Shane Simpson The Reptile Doctor and Scott Owen who is one of the founding team members of Virides Reptile. The partnership of Dr. Simpson and Virides Reptile revolutionized herpetological veterinary practice around the world.

Before Virides Reptile, veterinarians often used metal devices to open a patient’s mouth for examination. Virides Reptile working with Dr. Simpson designed and manufactured the safest oral examination tool available for reptiles today. The previously available metal products involved more risk during examinations. These metal props also have the disadvantage of being opaque.

ProProps are designed from a clear material and designed with the internal mouth structure of the reptile used to design a more comfortable fit. Now you can examine your reptile’s mouth in relative ease while keeping both the keeper and the kept safe.

Custom Reptile Name Plates

Innovation doesn’t stop at just one product for Virides Reptile. They’ve recently begun manufacturing signage for both the herpetoculture and herpetology industries. Virides Reptile are becoming rapidly more well-known for their, made to order Name Plates.

Collectors and curators alike love sharing with their visitors, and Virides Reptile Name Plates deliver an elegant and detailed data set including range maps for visitors or guests to enjoy as they admire your reptile friends! Elevate the design and look of your reptile collection while giving your guests an educational experience. For those involved in reptile education and public outreach, these Name Plates are designed in various sizes and materials, making them a must for your traveling reptile exhibits or zoo. Virides Reptile also manufactures an amazing array of stickers to suit all your reptile display needs.

Sliding Glass Finger Grips

If you’re like most keepers using glass door enclosures, you know smudged glass and easily opening doors are challenges we face daily. Ground in grooves on glass result in cut finger tips, cupboard pulls are not clear, and cut holes can promote cracking and aren’t favourable with dangerous animals. Virides Reptile Sliding Glass Finger Grips have been designed for comfort as well as reduction of visual interruption when using their clear Sliding Glass Finger Grips. Unlike most of the Sliding Glass Finger Grips which are intrusive when viewing your enclosure Virides Reptile Sliding Glass Finger Grips virtually disappear when admiring your enclosure. Multiple designs and materials mean you can choose the perfect Sliding Glass Finger Grips to fit any enclosure. For your retail location(s), the Virides Reptile Sliding Glass Finger Grips mean less cleaning of customer-facing enclosures.

Virides Reptile provide a unique range of quality reptile products which elevates your current enclosures to the museum collector level. Virides Reptile is continually bringing new innovations to the reptile industry as a whole.

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