Virides Reptile | Herpetoculture Innovators

Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment Virides Reptile Creative Innovations Virides Reptile have created several new and innovative products to the reptile industry. One of their earliest projects is one you may recognize from earlier articles on Reptile Apartment. ProProps came about through the collaboration of Dr. Shane Simpson The Reptile Doctor and Scott […]

Jungle Dawn LED Lighting | Light Your Reptiles

Jungle Dawn LED Lighting Jungle Dawn LED lighting manufactured by Arcadia and available anywhere on the North American continent via our sponsor Light Your Reptiles takes the Reptile Lighting Revolution up one more notch. In the video below Dr. Mike Leahy explains why the Jungle Dawn LED lights available in the UK from Arcadia and […]

Reptile Lighting Revolution | Light Your Reptiles

Lighting Reptiles Lighting for reptiles has always been an area of not only fascination but it can also be a detriment when it comes to keeping our scaly friends. When you don’t understand the natural habitat (specifically the microhabitats) where the species comes from this can lead to providing too much or too little of […]

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