Warm Blooded Dinosaurs & other Mysteries

Warm Blooded Dinosaurs

There are many myths taught and debunked throughout the years. The world is flat, Al Gore created the internet, and Babe Ruth cursed the Red Sox.

“Now dinosaurs are not cold-blooded?”

Amazing! For many years, school kids, including myself, were taught dinosaurs were cold-blooded. Now a professor with New Mexico University has debunked the myth that dinosaurs were cold-blooded like the current reptiles we see today. Professor John Grady recently had his paper entitled

“Evidence for mesothermy in dinosaurs” published in Science Magazine.


Mesothermic animals can modify their temperatures by a variety of ways. Ambient air temperature can help regulate but mesothermic animals also utilize their metabolism and large size to keep a constant internal temperature. Some modern-day animals using this process are echidnas and great white sharks. According to his study, by measuring the growth and metabolic rates of 381 different species ranging from extinct to living, endothermic to ectothermic; dinosaurs were not believed to be cold-blooded or ectothermic. Professor Grady classified them as mesothermic.
Either way, there are always critics to every published scientific paper to disprove another’s work. The Babe Ruth curse took an 86 year period before it was debunked. It could take just as long, to prove dinosaurs are not any more cold-blooded than they are warm-blooded.
Written By: James Tintle Edited By: John F Taylor