Wacky Grey-banded Kingsnakes

A week ago now James released publicly that he’d successfully hatched the Coffey Line of Aberrant patterned Grey-banded Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis alterna). A common snake species but a more rare genetic morph. Reading James’ new piece in HerpHouseMag shed some light on the fact, these have been around for a while; and aren’t easily produced. Not only is this snake a stunning grey blue but they also have a chocolate to burnt reddish-orange aberrant pattern which is incredibly striking. Yesterday I received a message regarding a recommendation I gave a Tribe Member/Business partner. The message read

“I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at Tremendous Tricolors available snakes.”

Admittedly, James Tintle is an incredible breeder and businessman. We’ve been working on some projects together which you’re no doubt already familiar with. I’ve always enjoyed Milksnakes as a captive pet as Kingsnakes simply hate me. Regardless of my disinterest in the Kingsnake species I still know a fabulous looking snake when I see one. I’m not into the ‘morphs’ of any animals for the sake of monetary gain. It’s just not my thing. Again, I can still respect the efforts of record keeping and intricacies of understanding genetics to produce certain animals. If you’d like to learn more about the Coffey Line Aberrant Patterned Grey-banded Kingsnake (Lampropeltis alterna) and how to get your hands on one check out the latest article in HerpHouse Mag Colubrid Corner features this ‘new’ (actually it’s old) incredible snake which has been burning up the internet wires with the amount of photos being shared. If you want to pick James’ brain regarding all his knowledge of Milksnakes grab a copy of the Guide to Honduran Milksnakes now available on Amazon worldwide. You can read my personal review right here. Below we got an exclusive gallery of James’ Coffey Line of Aberrant Grey-Banded Kingsnakes.

Coffey Line Aberrant Kingsnake