2012 Reptile Super Show Pomona

So this past weekend I was able to attend the Reptile Super Show in Pomona where word has it that the attendance was a record breaker for Reptile Super Show attendance! Let me tell you kind reader. This show was incredible! There was large variety of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to choose from and a lot of information on hand available from quality breeders.I dare say even Chris Law our own Conscious Keeper would have been impressed by those in attendance. Attendees were interested in not just keeping reptiles as pets, but also wanted to keep them in an environment where they would thrive. While there Rising Sun Reptiles brought out the

big guns with their Firefly Ball Python Python regius which no other breeder has produced and even if you’re not into the whole morph craze you have got to respect such a gorgeous animal. Moran Reptiles had a Trans Pecos Rat Snake that they called a Platinum phase and this colubrid took my breath away.

I think one of the biggest things that hit me though was having fans come up to me and tell me personally how much they enjoyed what we do here. I knew people were reading and commenting on the blog and the podcast but there’s just something about meeting fans in person. I can never thank you folks enough. I also had the opportunity to see some old friends such as Robert Applegate, Mark Romansky, Julie Bergman & of course Ramy the man behind the Reptile Super Show.

We also met with Olga Kallinikos-Zalabak who you will see much more of in the Reptile Apartment Group as she is an incredible photographer who took all the photos that you can see in the Pomona Reptile Show Gallery. Now then, the next Reptile Super Show will be in San Diego on June 30th and July 1st and I guarantee it will be another record breaker for attendance. Not to mention that when wandering the aisles looking at all the incredible species offered I heard talk of many breeders bringing even more incredible reptiles to offer for the growing reptile audience. We hope to see you there.