Colubrid are known as basic snakes

Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review   Recently updated !

Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network Bearded Dragons Network Snake Network Gecko Network Amphibian Network Voted winner of Reptile Report’s Readers Choice ‘Lizard Personality of the Year’ 2016 I Have been extremely lucky to of had this Microclimate OLED dimming thermostat for testing over the past few months. The only […]

OLED Side/front view

Why do we Kill Harmless Snakes?

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Why do we Kill Harmless Snakes Snakes do so much good, many species eat rodents, meaning they’re also consuming ticks and other zoonotic disease carrying animals. The average gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer) will consume 35 – 60 (assorted sizes) rats or […]

Do snakes need UV lighting?

Do snakes really need UVB lighting? Authored by Georgina Rayner, of Swell Reptiles In fact, many species of snake are not particularly nocturnal, or diurnal Browse pretty much any reptile or snake forum, and you are likely to find at least one thread attempting to answer the question; “Do snakes need UV lighting?” A wide […]