Reptile Show

Reptile Show is where we give both show reviews and general gallery of photographs taken at the various shows we have attended.

Herp Health Checklist | Choosing a Healthy Pet

Authored by Eric Roscoe of Madison Area Herpetological Society  Herp Health Checklist Reptiles and amphibians, collectively known and referred to as “herps” or “herptiles”, are perhaps among the fastest growing segments of the pet industry. According to the most recent American Pet Products Association statistics for 2015-2016, there are well over thirteen million reptiles alone kept in households across […]

Mouth check of a Chameleon

5 Essentials to Sell Offspring

How to Sell Offspring You just hatched out your first clutch of offspring and the excitement is unbearable. You’ve been checking those eggs every waking moment for weeks until that first sign of life sprouted from those pearly white eggs. This is what every reptile breeder lives for, the day the offspring hatches. Now what? […]

Corn Snakes: Breeding out the Beauty

Breeding out the Beauty Corn Snakes, Pantherophis guttatus, formerly Elaphe guttatus gutattus are the most produced snake in captivity. The ease of care, large clutches and one of the first snakes producing color and pattern mutations are just some of the reasons why. The first amelanistic (also called albino) corn snake was caught by Dr. Benard […]