Conservation of Reptiles: Reptile Monitoring at Langlands Moss

Authored by Erik Paterson

Courtesy of Erik Paterson

Courtesy of Erik Paterson

Reptile Conservation in the UK

The conservation of reptiles is something that believe it or not is of the utmost importance to not only our community of reptile keepers but the natural world as well. Many of our readers are not only interested in keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets. A number of them are interested in the conservation of reptiles as well. Recently Erik Paterson a colleague of the Reptile Apartment Group published his conservation work with Caledonian Conservation Ltd which is a Scottish based conservation company. Erik is not only a conservationist but also an avid herpetoculturist who literally wrote the book on House Snakes (Boaedon sp.) which of course is available in our library as well as authoring an article for Herpetoculture House Magazine on this incredible species! So if you enjoy field herping then why not do some good for our scaly friends like Erik did? Speak with your local conservation company or even the government office which is working on the conservation of reptiles and see how you can help!

We gained permission from Erik to post the survey for any of readers who might be interested in reading it, it can also serve as a template for your own volunteering efforts to study reptiles in the wild and then potentially publish your own report! It’s completely free to download just click the link below.
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