Field Herping

Field Herping is where we share both our experiences and photographs of our fun searching for reptiles in the wild.

Why do we Kill Harmless Snakes?

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Why do we Kill Harmless Snakes Snakes do so much good, many species eat rodents, meaning they’re also consuming ticks and other zoonotic disease carrying animals. The average gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer) will consume 35 – 60 (assorted sizes) rats or […]

Bushmasters and Pink Gin | Origins of Herpetoculture

Bushmasters & Pink Gin | Origins of Herpetoculture A Book Review What does one of the worlds deadliest and largest viper species have to do with Pink Gin? Thankfully, not as much as you might think. However, both play a role in Bushmaster Raymond Ditmars and the Hunt for the Worlds Largest Viper which I […]