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Whether you’re a breeder or retailer there’s a lot of challenges to being part of the herpetoculture industry. I’m sure I’m skewed on views because of our work; I do believe that it could be said, publishing in the herpetoculture industry is akin to publishing in the poetry industry. In other words, your chances are often slim to none. Why that is the case, is up for debate. Many more ‘experts’ in the industry and the leniency of being able to publish anything at any time also leads to a glut of information. Therefore, leaving it the reader whether they be experienced or not, to sort out what is valid information and what’s not.

I had the idea of Herpetoculture House Digital Reptiles Magazine and began creating it three years ago. The whole premise was brought on by the fact that every time I read any reptile magazine published it was seemingly more advertising than it was content. One day (bored) I counted the advertisement to content and it was something like 89% advertisement in some United States magazines. I had to change the status quo.

Herpetoculture House was born with the following mantras in mind.

“Some shit you do, just to see if it could be done.” Kevin Smith from a YouTube Video called Kevin Smith Explaining the meaning of life as an artist.

“Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. One moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?” Eminem Lose Yourself

Reptile Publishing Awards

Reader’ Choice Best of 2013 Nominee

We learned we were nominated for numerous reptile publishing and other awards regarding our work in herpetoculture. We then learned, we’d in fact, made the short list for two of those awards. Rebecca and I are humbled by the nominations alone and to be on the short list for two awards is astounding! While she and I may be at the helm of Reptile Apartment Group there are many authors, editors, coders, designers, and other members of the team. Some of which you, our audience, don’t even see in their roles as our Peer Review team. From Rebecca, myself, and the entire staff here in Reptile Apartment, Reptile Apartment Canada, and Herpetoculture House we thank you deeply for your kindness and enjoyment of our work.

From Rebecca and I to our volunteers and other staff. WAY TO GO FOLKS! This is all about you and you’re work. We couldn’t be prouder of the efforts and amount of time each one of you has put into these ideas to make them a reality. We thank you so very much.

Back to Print
Before I published the first issue of Herpetoculture House Magazine however I published Uromastyx (Complete Herp Care). It did ok in sales and when comparing directly to other Uro books it did fairly well. As of 2013 there have been massive upheavals in taxonomy within Agamidae and specifically Uromastyx species. Not to mention the changes in husbandry practices which were being examined in-depth by several keepers across the world.

I wanted to release an update based on the Amazon reviews and the immediate feedback  I received after  publishing. They felt there were some things left out and I agreed. Fast forward, I don’t know 5 years. Damn, hard memory that is, my dad passed away during the writing of the original manuscript which was in fact dedicated to him. My editor at the time offered to extend my deadline and I refused with the statement that my dad would be pissed if I didn’t hit deadline. I came in almost entire month early if my memory serves right.

“You’re welcome dad, and thank you for being the man you were.”

Here we are in 2013 and we’ve been doing fairly well in the digital publishing realm. As is evidenced by the numerous nominations of awards we have received from both The Reptile Report and the Canadian Weblog Awards hosted by Elan Morgan. Even with the increasing digital realms of publishing we recognize that print will not be replaced anytime soon.

Cold Blooded Publishing

Enter Cold Blooded Publishing and James Tintle. After a long, productive meeting between James and myself; later to include Rebecca and going over everything again. Rebecca and I have made the decision that I will publish my new Uromastyx update with Cold Blooded Publishing. The title has yet to be determined and I will be working directly with ouraudience Tribe to make sure we cover as much as we possibly can within one comprehensive collection of vital information. As has been seen in the Honduran Milksnake Guide published earlier this year by Cold Blooded Publishing.

Publishing Challenges

Therein lies the catch, Cold Blooded Publishing isn’t just a

‘here’s my 40,000 + word manuscript on the captive care of this species.’

Oh no, James and his crew ask the author to give natural history, taxonomy, and of course all of the essentials.

Now take the ‘typical’ dry reading found in herpetoculture captive care books and make it exciting; tell the audience the real story of the species, not just its care.

That’s what Cold Blooded Publishing wants and will accept nothing less. Rebecca and I both agree with their philosophies. This is going to be one hell of an adventure and I’m working with a draft deadline prepared and mailed to James of one and one half months with a 50,000 word manuscript covering the Uromastyx species in-depth.

Courtesy of http://addandsomuchmore.com

Working Hiatus
During this time I’ll be in a self-induced (Becky made me do it) state of hiatus from General Operations and Social Networking for Reptile Apartment Group. Rebecca will be handling all design and layout and operations for the next month at least. In the meantime I will be hammering keys of the computer at all hours of the day and night. I have a very odd writing process, but anyway. I will be sporadically available for brief moments. Email and such will not be responded to unless it’s regarding the manuscript itself. I appreciate everyone’s understanding during this time.

Thank You All Again!
Regarding the Multiple Award Nominations thanks again to the incredible team I work with which is in fact our very audience who writes for us. Also all of the volunteers who spend their time with us working to make herpetoculture a better industry we thank you. Short List for TWO AWARDS! Mind blowing and humbling. Thank you also to James Tintle and Cold Blooded Publishing for such an incredible opportunity! Down the rabbit I gooooooo!