Apartment Chameleons | Low Profile Chameleon Keeping

Authored by Bill Strand – & the Chameleon Breeder Podcast Apartment Chameleons When I moved out to an apartment of my own, the first thing I did was to figure out where the chameleons would go. When young adults taste freedom for the first time they sometimes go overboard.  I decided my dining room area […]

Male Meru

Caring for our Chameleons | UK & USA difference’s

Caring for our Chameleons Some UK & USA difference’s Authored by Pete Hawkins (Chameleon Britain) & Karen Venaas (The Daily Chameleon)  the reality is we are a really big country with all kinds of different climates and in different parts of the country Housing: Pete-  Here in the UK, most tend to go with the […]

Atadenovirus | My Bearded Dragon, and Adenovirus

Authored by Pete ‘The Guv’nor’ Hawkins: Chameleon Britain / Bearded Dragons Network / Snake Network Atadenovirus (Adenovirus) Adenovirus, A deadly virus that can lay dormant from birth. Going back 10 years ago, I had a male Bearded Dragon. He was around 4 years old at the time if I remember correctly, I had him from […]