Reptile Apartment Author of the Year 2016

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Reptile Apartment just turned six years old last month. In honor of this incredible opportunity I would like to step up on soapbox.

Reptile Apartment and myself John F Taylor have been incredibly lucky to have some of the best volunteers on the planet. Each and every author deserves a huge amount of thanks. In honor of our authors we’ve combed through the year of 2015 from Jan 1-Dec 31 2015. We found the most five viewed articles written by our authors published in that period. They will follow after this brief message.

Reptile Apartment Group was built and is continually built on one singular idea. Integrity. We’ve made mistakes and corrected them. We’ve never claimed to be experts, but have had our run ins with those who think they are. We support our Tribe (our audience and our Sponsors). We couldn’t have done this without you/them or our great social media friends which are too numerous to mention here. We are friends because you are the backbone of our industry, we trust you, and support you.

Help us keep the integrity and don’t try to ‘game the voting system’ we’re sure there is probably a way to do so. We’re asking you to not ruin a good thing.

Reptile Apartment Group Author of the Year 2016 Nominees in no particular order are as follows

Read each article then click the survey below to vote for your favorite.

Keeping Chameleons in the Misinformation Age by Karen Venaas

Treating Aggression in Snakes by Todd Cornwell

Introduction to Venomous Snakes by Kimberly Urban

Water & Bearded Dragons by Pete Hawkins

Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula by Lillie Nyte

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Voting Closed as of Midnight 6/13/2016

Winner Announced 6/20/2016 on the Reptile Apartment Fanpage