Apartments and Reptiles

Articles regarding living smaller spaces with reptile, invertebrate, and amphibian species of pets.

Reptile Apartment | Origin Story

Reptile Apartment | Origin Story It was April 22, 2010 when I publicly announced Reptile Apartment. It had officially went live on April 1st, but was released to a small audience test on April 5th. “My main goal is to educate people living in small environments, primarily apartments, on the unique challenges of keeping a […]

Evo Thermostats

Microclimate Evo Lite & Evo Pro thermostat review

Microclimate Evo Lite & Evo Pro Thermostat Review Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network / Bearded Dragons Network / Snake Network / Lizard Network / Amphibian Network Reptile Thermostat Review I have been lucky enough to be given two thermostat controllers for review over the last couple of months. But rather than do two separate […]

Pumpkin Patch Tarantula | Hapalopus sp.

Invertebrate Interests is authored & photographed by Lillie Nyte of Inverts Unlimited  Pumpkin Patch Hapalopus sp. Colombia (large) General Description Synonyms: Hapalopus sp. Colombia (gros), Hapalopus formosus, Typhochlaena magdalena, Avicularia magdalenae Common name(s): Pumpkin patch Keeper experience: Beginner to intermediate Adult size: Considered a dwarf species with females only reaching 3 – 4 inches in […]

hapalopus pumpkin patch