SensorPush | Thermostatic Alert System Review

Authored by Brandon Fowler of Roaming Reptiles

SensorPush Thermostatic Alert Review


SensorPush is completely ignored by most reptiles.

I was given a great opportunity to test a revolutionary reptile product for a few weeks. The SensorPush humidity and temperature alert system.

One big plus is the ability to set temperature and humidity parameters and when one of these creeps beyond the set limitations you get a notification on your phone within seconds, which allows you to correct the problem quickly.


SensorPush is almost invisible in the enclosure.

Another is its astonishing unobtrusive size. It can be placed anywhere in an enclosure and not be noticed. I have used it in several enclosures and when people are looking in at the animals they don’t even notice it, they are totally unaware the device has been placed in the enclosure. The design of the SensorPush allows it to remain inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing. This feature makes it invaluable to those like myself who do reptile educational outreach programs. Using SensorPush devices, you can easily monitor the enclosures during a show to ensure the enclosures are remaining properly heated or cooled depending on species during your talk and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Using multiple SensorPush devices is as easy as adding identification numbers or names to the various SensorPush devices. This is done with ease by programming each one with an ID number or species so when you get an alert you know exactly which enclosure to tend to.

The only downside of this product is you can only get alerts when you are within bluetooth range. Most keepers would need this ability extended through wi-fi, for example, so the device can also alert us when we are away from our pets. If the makers have a way to improve this product so I could get alerts anywhere at anytime it would be a complete home run for me.