Reptile Health

Reptile health is always important no matter the species.

The History and Care of the Tomato Frog | Dyschophus sp.

Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment History and Care of the Tomato Frog In 1906, French explorer and ornithologist Alfred Grandidier was awarded the Royal Geographic Society’s Founder’s Medal in honor of his 40-year career exploring and documenting the island of Madagascar. At the RGS induction ceremony held in London, the Society described […]

OLED Side/front view

Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review   Recently updated !

Microclimate: OLED Dimming thermostat review Authored by Pete Hawkins: Chameleon Network Bearded Dragons Network Snake Network Gecko Network Amphibian Network Voted winner of Reptile Report’s Readers Choice ‘Lizard Personality of the Year’ 2016 I Have been extremely lucky to of had this Microclimate OLED dimming thermostat for testing over the past few months. The only […]

Amphibians | What They Aren’t

Authored by Christina Miller RVT, BSc, of Companion Animal Hospital, Canada. They aren’t reptiles: The awesomely unique world of Amphibians Amphibians are actually a unique group of animals, quite different from the reptiles they’re commonly categorized with. Amphibians seem to get the shaft when we’re casually talking about herpetology. Often “lumped into” this group, with […]