Leopard Geckos Eublepharis macularius

Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 3 |Pairing

 Authored by Ron Tremper Leopard Gecko The Breeding Season North of the equator, most reproductive leopard geckos experience a breeding season that begins as early as January and extends to late September with some geckos laying eggs into October.  For individuals that are hatched late in a given year they may not start to cycle […]

Fluker’s Superworm Review

Fluker’s Superworms Authored by Kim LaForest Hi, I recently received 1,000 of your superworms in the mail for review…I was ever so pleased upon their arrival. Very impressive neat and orderly packaging, not to mention the healthy condition of the worms themselves! Every last one of the superworms were alive. This was an awesome site […]

Leopard Gecko Breeding 101 | the Beginning

Authored by Ron Tremper Leopard Gecko BREEDING LEOPARD GECKOS In the 1970s, when the field of herpetoculture was just emerging, “collecting” was the focus and hot topic amongst herpers. Everyone was trying to obtain various reptiles and amphibians from anywhere and keep them alive. ‘Postage Stamp’ collections, consisting of one of every type of kingsnake, […]