Leopard Gecko

Raising Juvenile Leopard Geckos

Authored by Ron Tremper, of Leopardgecko.com Raising Juvenile Leopard Geckos Single Juvenile Leopard Gecko Enclosure: From the day a leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) hatches it’s best raised singly in a simple shoebox setup until it reaches a total length of seven inches. This type of rearing enclosure is ideal since stress is minimized by the […]

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Eublepharis macularius Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 7 | Incubators

Authored by Ron Tremper, of Leopardgecko.com Leopard Geckos | Incubators, and Incubation In general the best location for placing a reptile incubator for leopard geckos is at a room temperature slightly lower than the minimum temperature you are striving for. There is a wide range of bird egg and other incubators available from specialized companies, […]

Leopard Gecko Breeding Part 6 | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2

Leopard Gecko Breeding | Egg Laying and Incubation Part 2 Authored by Ron Tremper of Leopardgecko.com Leopard Gecko Infertility Poor nutrition, not male sterility, is the leading cause of infertile leopard gecko eggs. In all my years, I rarely have proven a male was the reason for infertile eggs. If you are experiencing the frustration of getting […]

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