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African Giant Millipede | Breeding, Care, and Natural History

Authored by John F. Taylor of Reptile Apartment The History, Care, and Breeding of the African Giant Millipede In 1842 naturalist Wilhelm C.H. Peters (1815-1883) travelled from Berlin to Mozambique on a scientific voyage of discovery. Peters had studied natural history and medicine in Copenhagen, had recently completed his dissertation on the morphology of turtle […]


Vietnamese Centipede | Scolopendra subspinipes

Invertebrate Interests is authored & photographed by Lillie Nyte of Inverts Unlimited  Vietnamese Centipede | Scolopendra subspinipes General Description Scolopendra subspinipes Synonyms: Rhombocephalus smaragdinus Common name(s): Vietnamese centipede, giant centipede, jungle centipede, Asian forest centipede, red-headed centipede, orange-legged centipede Keeper experience: Advanced Adult size: 4 inches to 8+ inches consisting of 20 body segments each […]

African Giant Black Millipede Archispirostreptus sp

Millipedes have been around since the dawn of time itself and remained relatively unchanged. This fact is one that only a few reptiles can claim today. While they are not any threat to the popularity of the more commonly kept snakes and lizards today, I think that many people would find them extremely fascinating pets if they would simply give them chance. Especially those who like the look of snakes but can’t get past feeding a snake another animal, if that should be the case then I would highly suggest looking into a Millipede.

Black Millipede