Glades Herp: A Community Divided

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The U.S. Department of Justice released a statement on Tuesday that Robroy MacInnes and Robert Keszey of Glades Herp Farms were charged in a two count indictment in Federal court regarding conspiracy to traffic in endangered and threatened species of reptiles as well as trafficking in protected timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) which is a direct violation of the Lacey Act. Now then, whether you care or not for Glades Herp Farms or have ill feelings about the show Swamp Brothers is immaterial. This is not about the ‘reptile community’ as for me personally you should know by now if you’ve read my articles before that I don’t even think there is a ‘reptile community’ anymore. I posted the media story on Facebook and then was given a link to the DOJ actual press release and which I promptly posted as well.

What followed was the usual responses to the story from our own ‘community’.

People began speaking of this matter as if the allegations were true and offering opinions on the matter and the people involved within minutes. I will admit here and now, I personally didn’t think the show was a good one.

However, this is America the last time I checked and the laws of the land are that all persons are INNOCENT until proven guilty.

So what amazes me is the fact that people are so ready to jump on ‘one of our own’ when they are being maligned. Not one person had taken the information in the light of the possibility that those involved might be innocent. We here at The Reptile Apartment Group think that everyone should put aside their personal views and stand behind one of our own until we know differently. If the allegations are in fact accurate then we completely support the court system and the consequences to follow. Until such a time, let’s really be that community we are attempting to portray to the public at large.

We have contacted Glades Herp Farm and due to legal constraints they are not at liberty to speak regarding the ongoing case however they did relay to us that they are “Not guilty.” After this matter has been settled they have said they would be happy to come into the Reptile Living Room to be interviewed regarding this incident.

This article was co-authored by Jo Taylor