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Caring for our Chameleons | UK & USA difference’s

Caring for our Chameleons Some UK & USA difference’s Authored by Pete Hawkins (Chameleon Britain) & Karen Venaas (The Daily Chameleon)  the reality is we are a really big country with all kinds of different climates and in different parts of the country Housing: Pete-  Here in the UK, most tend to go with the […]

Imagine This…Dogs on the Lacey Act

Imagine this…Dogs on the Lacey Act is indeed a fictional story, the problem is for just how long is this to be a fictional tale. You are a dog lover. You have dogs now, and have always had dogs growing up since before you can remember. Being around dogs your whole life has taught you […]

Herpetoculture: Changing Perspective

Herpetoculture has been a part of my life for over a decade now. The photo to the left was taken of my son when he was about 8 years old. Who just told me yesterday that I was to be a grandfather. Talk about changing perspective! That was some news, I mean I knew someday […]

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