When it comes to lighting reptiles I don’t think there has ever been a bigger debate. Everyone says their product is the best. Ultraviolet light is something that is naturally emitted by the suns rays which strike the earth. I’ve learned through my experience that most all reptile species; especially those that eat only insects and or greens, obtain some benefit from absorbing Ultraviolet light if they are a daytime-active (diurnal) reptile.
Nocturnal animals do not require Ultraviolet lighting, nor do snakes show any physical benefit from absorbing Ultraviolet light. Apparently snakes have digestive systems which enable them to extract the all important Vitamin D3 from their prey items. For more information we highly recommend downloading our free report Solving the Calcium Conundrum with Dr. Robert Sprackland. There are many various lighting products which all claim to give off the best in Ultraviolet light exposure. They all have their pros and cons.

For my personal tastes, I go with the recommendations found at  The folks here have done the in-depth research on the products, and explain in terms everyone can understand. Quite simply, it doesn’t get any easier than going to their site and reading up on the reviews, tests, and products. For further thoughts on the subject of lighting we recommend Colored Lights & Reptiles: Myths the pet store told me. Jump over to our store for all the latest lighting products by clicking here: Reptile Lighting.