Barbie Enclosures | Pamper Vs. Damage   Recently updated !

Barbie Enclosures – An enclosure for you. Or the Reptile? Authored by Pete Hawkins: Gecko Network Chameleon Network Bearded Dragons Network Snake Network Gecko Network Amphibian Network Voted winner of Reptile Report’s Readers Choice ‘Lizard Personality of the Year’ 2016  I’m seeing an increasing rise of what I have come to call, Barbie House Reptile […]

Mouth check of a Chameleon

Herp Health Checklist | Choosing a Healthy Pet

Authored by Eric Roscoe of Madison Area Herpetological Society  Herp Health Checklist Reptiles and amphibians, collectively known and referred to as “herps” or “herptiles”, are perhaps among the fastest growing segments of the pet industry. According to the most recent American Pet Products Association statistics for 2015-2016, there are well over thirteen million reptiles alone kept in households across […]

Caring for our Chameleons | UK & USA difference’s

Caring for our Chameleons Some UK & USA difference’s Authored by Pete Hawkins (Chameleon Britain) & Karen Venaas (The Daily Chameleon)  the reality is we are a really big country with all kinds of different climates and in different parts of the country Housing: Pete-  Here in the UK, most tend to go with the […]