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Three Reasons your Reptile Won’t Eat! 7

Why Your Reptile isn’t Eating Every week I receive numerous emails regarding various species of reptile. One question that keeps popping up is the owner’s (insert favorite species here) has ‘suddenly’ stopped eating or has not begun to eat after being purchased. Understandably this behavior might be very unnerving to new owners who are unfamiliar […]

Colored Lights & Reptiles | Myths the pet store told me

Colored lights don’t belong within herpetoculture. The band Guess Who wrote the lyric ‘colored lights can hypnotize’ for their song American Woman. When writing those lyrics, I’m sure they never intended them to refer to the world of herpetoculture. They may have been referring to some type of mind altering substance but they weren’t referring […]

Press Releases

“My main goal is to educate people living in small environments, primarily apartments, on the unique challenges of keeping a reptile or insect. There’s an alarming lack of actionable data on this topic and a lack of information or an abundance of misinformation is impacting the quality of life for reptiles and insects everywhere,” says Taylor.