Breeding Reptiles | Inbreeding Controversy

Breeding Reptiles (Responsibly)

Dr. Sean McCormack writes about breeding reptiles responsibly within a captive environment. Whether you’re breeding just a few snakes or thousands of reptiles every year; it pays significantly to understand the implications of breeding related blood lines. While we may never get completely away from inbreeding we should make a concerted effort to vary the blood lines as much as we can. I also call to immediately

stop breeding morphs whom have known detrimental impacts to the reptile and their quality of life.

Regardless of your own thoughts on inbreeding we encourage you to take a look at the issue with a new perspective.

With the above we also are not ignorant of the fact that some species in captivity are limited to the current blood lines as the import/export door has been closed for one reason or another. This is a very rare occurrence within the realm of herpetoculture and more often than not impacts Zoos or other conservation entities.

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