Captive Chameleon Care

Temporal Gland Infection in Chameleons

Temporal Gland Infections and the Average Keeper Authored By Elise Stein | Chameleon Enthusiasts This gland is found only in the Trioceros genus. It is a flat pocket located above the angle of the mouth Are you familiar with the words “Temporal Gland”? How about TGI? Odds are, you probably skimmed through an article here […]

Bringing the Jungle Home | Bioactive Chameleons

Authored by Karen Stockman of The Daily Chameleon BRINGING THE JUNGLE HOME: BIOACTIVE TERRARIUMS FOR CHAMELEONS Two of the things new chameleon keepers are told “don’t use glass, it will kill your chameleon” and “substrate is bad, it will kill your chameleon.” I believed this wholeheartedly and for years used screen with a bare bottom and a […]

How to Make a Hospital Cage for a Chameleon

Authored by Olimpia Martinotti of Much Ado About Chameleons How to Make a Hospital Cage for a Chameleon Perhaps you are coming home from the vet with a chameleon who’s been diagnosed with metabolic bone disease (MBD), and your vet has advised you he may not do well in a traditional cage while he recovers, […]

Hospital Enclosure Substrate