Boidae snakes

Entertaining Education | Dancing with Reptiles

Authored by Leyla Billman of Pin-Up Pythons Entertaining Education Most animal education enthusiasts get into informing the masses via traditional routes: they have a degree in herpetology, they work in education, etc. The jump from enthusiast to educator isn’t exactly a stretch. I got into snake conservation education, because I was a belly dancer. That’s right, a […]

Do snakes need UV lighting?

Do snakes really need UVB lighting? Authored by Georgina Rayner, of Swell Reptiles In fact, many species of snake are not particularly nocturnal, or diurnal Browse pretty much any reptile or snake forum, and you are likely to find at least one thread attempting to answer the question; “Do snakes need UV lighting?” A wide […]

Help! My snake was bitten by it’s food!

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Help!  My Snake was Bitten by its Food As a rescue, I have seen a lot.  Mostly neglect, improper care due to lack of knowledge, or incorrect knowledge. The worst cases though, can really make you think. I just had a really […]