Rattlesnake Slaughter at The Texas Zoo! 3

Rattlesnake Republic (which I will not do the respect to link here in my site) which is produced by Animal Planet is playing part to Viper Day at the Texas Zoo. If you’re not familiar with Rattlesnake Republic this is the television show that promotes rattlesnake round-ups where thousands of pounds of rattlesnakes are slaughtered every single year.Rattlesnakes are an ecologically important reptile that is allowed to be decimated and now promoted as pest species by such programs as the Rattlesnake Republic. I belong to a group known as RARR which is a group of dedicated volunteers who are in the public eye disproving the myths and misnomers promoted by such television as the Rattlesnake Republic and other such shows. As if rattlesnake roundups weren’t bad enough we now have a zoo promoting them through the participation of two individuals that actually participate in such barbaric acts! Here is short clip where rattlesnakes are being decapitated, 

Now then what really boggles my mind and maybe it’s just me but a ‘Zoo’ by definition is An establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, and conservation. I don’t see anywhere in any definition that I have read where it says animals are handled by persons known to capture wild animals for slaughter. Did I happen to mention that animal cruelty regulations at the round ups are being wholly ignored by the law enforcement who are sworn to protect?

The event is being sponsored by Interstate Batteries of Victoria please click the link and contact them to see if they know they are sponsoring this event. With enough public pressure we can stop this kind of illegitimate education and slaughter of wild animals being promoted to the public. I mean what’s next are we going to release gorillas into the park and watch as poachers hunt them down? How about we have some culinary classes on 101 ways to wok a sea turtle? For more information on rattlesnake roundups you can see this post And the Cascabel will Fall Quiet…

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  • tara

    I can’t believe they are allowed to make a show about that. Zoo’s should not be promoting that kind of behavior because they are suppose to protect the species and not harm them.

  • John F Taylor Post author

    Kate, what a great e-mail! Thanks so much for taking the time to not only share this with us here but also for taking action and making your voice heard for those creatures who we cannot communicate with. We sincerely hope with enough of these letters, emails, phone calls etc. that we can put enough pressure on the “zoo” that they will rethink their actions and NOT run the show or at the very least that the sponsor Interstate Batteries will pull their support of the event at least.

  • Kate Evans

    Unbelievable. I just sent the following email to the sponsor of this event.


    I am writing to see whether you’re aware that the “Viper Day” that you’re sponsoring at the Texas Zoo will feature Rick and Eric Timaeus from Animal Planet’s “Rattlesnake Republic” program.

    I would imagine that you are supporting this program due to an interest in wildlife conservation and education, and instead this event will be promoting a show that focuses on ‘rattlesnake roundups,’ events in which huge numbers of these animals are tortured and killed. While this may not trouble all people on purely ethical grounds, it should be a concern to all that rattlesnakes, tens of thousands of which have been killed at these events, represent an important link in the natural pest/rodent control eco-chain.

    I respectfully ask that you consider contacting the organizers of this event and ask them to re-focus the event on education and conservation rather than miseducation, torture of wild animals, and damage to the Texas ecosystem.

    Sincerely, Kate Evans

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