Sweetwater Texas

Sweetwater Slaughter: Texas Rattlesnake Roundup

In the time it takes to read this article, two animals will lose their life for entertainment. Then it happened, while surfing the social networks a friend contacted me to let me know the Sweetwater Jaycees Annual rattlesnake roundup was occurring AGAIN! I know what you’re thinking, what’s the harm in a ‘roundup’ right? Isn’t […]

Rattlesnake Slaughter at The Texas Zoo!

Rattlesnake Republic (which I will not do the respect to link here in my site) which is produced by Animal Planet is playing part to Viper Day at the Texas Zoo. If you’re not familiar with Rattlesnake Republic this is the television show that promotes rattlesnake round-ups where thousands of pounds of rattlesnakes are slaughtered […]

And the Cascabel will Fall Quiet…

Rattlesnakes were described by many cultures prior to the English invasion of the New World and were known by some Spanish and Portuguese explorers who likened the sound of the snakes tail when vibrated to that of a bell. According to Klauber this erroneous notion came from the English translation of cascabel which is the […]

Crotalus viridis helleri