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Box Turtle Quick Reference Guide

Box Turtle Quick Reference Guide Thanks to Noelia Perez of the Facebook Group Box Turtle Owners World Wide for allowing us to share this! This is an easy reference pictorial guide to owning and caring for Box Turtles and Reptile Apartment also highly recommends the BTOWW as an awesome resource of information!

Zilla Log Landing | Product Review

Authored by Todd Cornwell Unique Birthday Party Parties for Kids & Reptile Rescue Zilla Log Landing Review | Private Release Preview No matter how many times I say it, it still rings true; Zilla Rocks! This last year, I was voted Author of the Year by The Reptile Apartment Tribe (audience) of over 100,000 readers. […]

Reptile Enclosure Size | Selection Tips

Authored by Eric Roscoe of Madison Area Herpetological Society  Reptile Enclosure Sizing A common question often posted on Internet and social media, particularly by those new to reptile keeping, is “which reptile(s) should I get/or are suitable for which sized enclosures?” This will of course depend on many factors. How much space one has, each species’ potential […]