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Lighting Reptiles

2% UVB lighting helps Leopard Geckos

Lighting for reptiles has always been an area of not only fascination but it can also be a detriment when it comes to keeping our scaly friends. When you don’t understand the natural habitat (specifically the microhabitats) where the species comes from this can lead to providing too much or too little of the necessary UV. This also doesn’t take into account the specific wavelengths of UV which are beneficial to the species.

We’ve all seen the light selection at the local store or online and they all hold the promise of being the best. In all actuality most of these products fall short of the necessary. John Courteney-Smith decided it was time for a revolution within reptile lights. Arcadia Lighting based their designs in exploring the natural habitats of reptiles and then carefully choosing only the very best elements for their designs. The video below is presented by Dr. Mike Leahy and explains some of the aspects where Arcadia Lighting differs from the current reptile light systems available. Dr. Leahy also explains some very interesting details which are often forgotten or ignored by other reptile light systems. Arcadia Lighting Systems are available through our incredible sponsor