Review of The Prescription for Leopard Gecko Captive Care

Here is what Gary Rolfe E-Commerce Manager of Northampton Reptile Centre had toLeopard Gecko Captive Care say about our new book!

“From start to finish it is evident that Prescription for Leopard Gecko Captive Care has been written by experienced reptile keepers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.

Throughout this ebook you are taken through the steps of expert leopard gecko husbandry. I really like that the authors don’t just tell you how to do it, they explain why you would do it that way. This style of writing definitely makes the information easier to absorb as well as broadening the readers personal knowledge.

This ebook will appeal to newcomers to the reptile keeping hobby, it will also lend itself to those who already have leopard geckos and want to expand their knowledge or advance their hobby into a venture such as breeding.”